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How do YOU want to heat YOUR home next winter???

In the spring of 2008, the cost of home heating oil soared past $3.50 per gallon, on it’s way toward the $5.00 mark.  Soon after, gasoline prices reached and exceeded $3.00 per gallon.  Propane costs also skyrocketed, making it the most expensive fuel for home heating in New England.

Fast forward to spring, 2011.  Do any of the above prices from 2008 sound similar to what we are experiencing right now?  Gasoline is now higher that it was in 2008.  Just wait until your oil and propane pre-buy programs come out – you won’t be very happy…

Fuel cost graph

Now returning to 2008, wood and pellet stove manufacturers, as well as the pellet fuel mills, were caught somewhat by surprise by this ‘perfect storm’ of escalating fossil fuel prices.  Stoves were in short supply right through the end of the year, if they could be had at all.  Likewise, the pellet mills had to pay more for their raw material transportation costs, so the cost of pellet fuel went up as the supply went down.

The good news is, NOT THIS YEAR!  Everyone in the stove and fireplace industry is busy gearing up in preparation for a possible repeat of 2008.  We urge you to begin your product research now to avoid the inevitable rush to purchase these appliances come August and September.  We are adding more content to our site every day, so you can learn about all the options.  Stop by our showroom to see some of these models ‘up close and personal’!  And when you are ready to order, don’t delay!  Have your new, renewable energy heating system installed NOW, and you’ll be able to smile as fuel prices continue to rise!

Check out the full State of Vermont ‘Fuel Price Report’, and see for yourself how these fuel prices are trending, and how heating with wood and pellets are by far your least expensive option!

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