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Another happy customer!

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Customer was done using her old drafty fireplace. She decided it was time to put new fireplace doors on along with a gas log set. No more mess. No more fuss. Just a remote and she has the heat and ambiance whenever she wants. Now is the time to come in and see what we can do for you! Give us a call at 802-362-4070 to find out more

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Fall Into Savings Event 2017

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If you’re sick of bringing in wood for your fireplace… now may be the time to think about doing a set of gas logs. With the touch of a button you’ll have instant heat and ambiance. No more mess. No more fuss. Just the look of a wood fire without the hassle. Call us today to see what options are available for you – 802.362.4070

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One Million BTUs

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You want to buy a million BTUs of heat?  That’s approximately what an average size, normally insulated home in Vermont would require to keep warm in mid-winter for 4 days.  Obviously, we don’t buy BTUs, we buy fuel.  But comparing the costs of all fuels to provide an identical amount of heat is a very easy way to see the differences.

Here’s what you’ll spend:

  • Electricity         $43.46            Hope you’re not heating this way…
  • Propane             $41.11             Not very pretty, huh?
  • Oil                         $32.29            Think this price is on a downward trend???
  • Pellets                 $18.83             Least expensive way to heat, next to…
  • Wood                   $13.64            Not for everyone, but what a difference!

Remember, this difference is coming out of your pocket every four days! During our six month heating season, this 4 day difference comes out 45 times!!!

So, in dollars and cents (sense???), turn off the propane furnace, use your new wood stove, and save $27.47 (that’s $41.11 – $13.64) 45 times, for a total savings of $1,236.15!!! And that’s every year!

Don’t just take our word for it…these costs come from a monthly report, courtesy of the Vermont Department of Public Service.  See the September 2011 Vermont Fuel Price report for more details!

Until other renewable, less expensive ways of heating are developed, biomass (wood, pellets, corn, agricultural wastes, wood chips) represent the most economical and environment-friendly method of heating!  Come in and explore all the new ways, as well as the tried and true, to heat your home with wood and pellet fuel!


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Fuel Cost Comparison, February 2011

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