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Pellet Stoves & Pellet Fireplace Inserts

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Visit here often to learn how pellet stoves operate, how to clean and maintain your pellet stove, and why pellet fuel is a smart choice for home heating!

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Pellet Stoves & Fireplace Inserts

HearthStone ‘Heritage’ Pellet Stove

Here at Friends of the Sun we have been selling, servicing, and promoting the benefits of heating your home with green, renewable pellet fuel since 1984.  For those interested in the origin of the pellet stove, developed by Dr. Jerry Whitfield out in Washington during the early 1980’s, see this accurate blog post.

The ‘Itasca’ pellet stove by HearthLand!



Since that time, residential and commercial heating with pelletized fuels has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry.  Appliance choices now include hundreds of models of pellet stoves and fireplace inserts, as well as central heating furnaces and boilers, and even pellet fireplaces that can be framed into a wall!

Mount Vernon large pellet stove


We have experience with over two dozen pellet stove brands over the last 25 years, comprising over 100 stove and insert models!  Our current selection includes pellet models from the top manufacturers in the industry.  Here are some of the finest pellet stove makers in the business:

QuadraFire, Lopi, Avalon, HearthStone, EnerZone, Osburn, EcoChoice

Euromax pellet stove by Enerzone


Another possible option for those wishing to heat their entire home with pellets, consider a central heating system!  Hot water boilers and hot air furnaces are both available for larger homes, and it may even be possible to convert your present heating system to burn pellets!  More information on these high efficiency, extremely convenient systems is available at a friendly local business, Vermont Renewable Fuels, of East Dorset, Vermont!


From here, we will discuss why to go with pellet as your primary heating fuel.  Also, an honest talk regarding whether pellet heat is right for you!  Don’t be deceived, a pellet stove is not magic – it must be cared for and maintained to deliver its maximum efficiency!

But now, let’s look at everybody’s favorite topic: how to save money by heating with pellets!


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