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Heating with Pellets in Vermont

As of this writing in August 2012, fuel prices have been fairly stable for the last few months, even slightly declining in some cases.  Even so, according to a monthly report on fuel costs published by the Vermont Department of Public Service, here are some basic reasons to switch to pellet heat:

42% less than heating with oil.
51% less than heating with propane.
56% less than electric heat.

Here’s another way to look at the cost of heating your home with wood pellets.  An average size home in Vermont, say 1,500 square feet, can in most cases be completely heated all winter with a pellet stove or fireplace insert.  Three tons of pellets per heating season should do it.  Even if you select the best quality pellets, and add in the delivery cost, your total heating bill should run around $900.  Three tons of pellets can be had for as little as $200 per ton, but you may spend the savings on more frequent stove and vent cleanings…

So, if you wish to spend less than this to heat your home this winter, your only choice may be the old-fashioned stuff – cord wood!



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