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Duette Honeycomb Shades

Duette shades can cover any window!

One of our customers’ favorite window treatments, for over 25 years now, are the Duette Honeycomb Shades, from Hunter Douglas.

In our Hunter Douglas ‘Gallery’ showroom here in Manchester, Vermont, you can see the many styles, colors, and variations of Duette Shades that are now available to cover almost any type of window!

Three air pockets for maximum insulation!

Duette shades are a variation of the original single fabric ‘pleated’ shade.  The improvement that Duette shades made over this original design is in their use of two or more layers of fabric.  By offsetting the ‘pleats’, air pockets are created between the front and rear fabrics, thereby creating the look of a ‘honeycomb’ when viewed from the side!


Duette Shades can cover skylights as well!

By using either ‘light-filtering’ or ‘room-darkening’ materials, Duette shades can either allow soft translucent light to enter a room, or keep it dark for a good night’s rest!

Skylights can also be easily covered with Duette.  These shades can be operated either by hand, an extension pole, or even motorized and controlled by a remote!


Enjoy privacy, and the view, with Duette!


For privacy reasons, it may be preferable for the shades to come up from the bottom, rather than drop from the top.  Duette Honeycomb shades can be ordered to function both ways!

Just ask for Duette ‘Top-Down/Bottom-Up’ shades, and you’ll have full flexibility!


These Duettes move from side to side, like a sliding door!

Want a shade that can insulate, provide privacy and light control, but move from side to side rather than top to bottom?  No problem at all, with Duette VertiGlide!

Just grab the handle, and move your ‘vertical’ Duette shade as easily as opening a sliding glass door.


There are many more windows that Duette Honeycomb shades can cover.  Angle-top windows, bay windows, french doors, arch-top windows, and many more can be beautifully treated with Duette Shades!


The best there is!

And now, after years of reducing winter heat loss through windows with an energy-efficient, insulating shade, Hunter Douglas has come out with the best Duette Honeycomb Shade yet!

Duette ‘Architella’ Honeycomb shades incorporate more air pockets between fabric layers to create a high R-value, very efficient insulating shade!  And the fabric selection continues to offer the most beautiful choices of any honeycomb shade on the market!

So…the first step toward getting these wonderful shades for your home is to visit our Hunter Douglas ‘Gallery’ showroom here in Manchester, Vermont.  If that is too far for you to travel, but you’re within 50-75 miles of our store, we’ll pack up our samples and come to you!  Either way, we’ll help you select the Duette shades that will look great on your windows, and keep your home more comfortable all year long!


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