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Fireplace Glass Doors

We have some very creative masons here in Vermont.  Fireplaces are not only faced with brick, but various types of stone, marble, granite, and even soapstone!  Fireplace openings also vary tremendously, from the traditional rectangular shape to ones that are arched, or are ‘Rumford’-style where the opening tends to be much taller than normal.

All of these fireplaces call for glass and screen doors that can be customized, and fit all the myriad shapes and sizes and look like they were designed to cover the fireplace opening from the start!  Our fireplace glass doors, made by the Stoll Fireplace Company, are custom made to our specifications.  If your fireplace has a traditional shape and size, there are many glass door styles available as well.  But if your fireplace opening is four feet tall, arched at the top, and made of river rock, we can provide a glass and screen door assembly that will fit it like a glove!

Check out Stoll’s New Design Guide!

The folks at Stoll also make fireplace glass doors for all of those pre-fabricated (also known as ‘zero-clearance’) metal fireplaces out there.  It is important for safety reasons to install a door that is designed to work with these type of fireplaces, as a standard door intended for use on masonry fireplaces may pose a fire hazard when installed on a zero-clearance unit!  And if you wish to give your 20 to 40 year old metal fireplace a complete facelift, we can have Stoll build you a zero-clearance ‘ReFace’ door, which not only covers the firebox opening, but all of the exposed metal around the perimeter as well!

All Stoll fireplace glass doors ( as well as screens, toolsets, log holders, and other fireplace accessories) are available in over 25 finishes, 3 glass colors, 10 handle styles, and a wide selection of design options!  These are truly custom-built, a la carte doors, allowing you to create your own door from scratch!

We at Friends of the Sun have been selling fireplace doors for over 25 years, and have installed thousands of these doors throughout Southern Vermont!  We’ve seen just about everything, and there isn’t a fireplace on which we can’t install a beautiful glass door.  Visit our showroom to see the sample glass doors we have on display, and begin creating one for yourself.  And, of course, we will come out and carefully measure your fireplace, free of charge.



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