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Enerzone Stoves, Inserts, and Fireplaces

Enerzone wood stoves, pellet stoves, fireplace inserts, and clean-burning wood fireplaces are made by Stove Builders International, one of the premier manufacturers of wood-burning appliances in North America!

The ‘Solution’ series wood stoves by Enerzone feature heavy-duty construction using the thickest steel plate in the stove industry.  The top plate of their three largest stoves use 3/8″ thick steel, which exceeds the 1/4″ boiler plate used by most good quality stove makers, and even the 5/16″ steel utilized by the top wood stove manufacturers in the world!

Enerzone 2.9 large wood stove

While well made using top quality materials, the Enerzone Solution wood stove models are designed to be economical.  Their extremely large and ultra-modern manufacturing plant allows for reduced assembly costs, resulting in high quality wood stoves available at prices well below their competition!


The Solution Series offers six models of free-standing wood stoves, on either legs or pedestals.  All stoves include an ash pan, and have three door finish choices.  Add a blower and an ‘Air Mate’ heat exchanger, and turn your radiant wood stove into a hot air convection stove as well!


Small wood fireplace insert by EnerZone

Three models of wood-burning fireplace inserts are also offered in the Solution Series.  All can be installed into either masonry or zero-clearance fireplaces, turning an inefficient hearth into a powerful heater.




Euromax pellet stove by Enerzone

The Enerzone line of stoves and fireplaces continues with three wood pellet models.  The largest stove, called the EuroMax, can heat an average size home with its powerful fan system, and also allows for heat to be directly ducted to remote rooms, similar to a furnace.

The EuroStar model, designed along the lines of the EuroMax, is a mid-size pellet stove that is quiet enough to install in your living room.  This newest addition to the Enerzone pellet stove collection debuts during the summer of 2012!

2.5ZC Heat-Producing wood fireplace by EnerZone

Last but not least, Enerzone offers a wonderful wood-burning fireplace that meets all clean burn standards, and is efficient enough to heat a mid-size home.  Similar to the Solution wood stoves, this fireplace features controlled combustion, and will easily make it through the night, and can be depended upon to be a primary heat source!


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