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Retractable Window Awnings

NuImage Window Awning 1

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NuImage window awnings, rolled in.

The NuImage ‘Robusta’ window awning, shown fully retracted and protected by an aluminum hood.

NuImage Window Awning 2

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Fully extended window awnings

Here are the same window awnings shown rolled down to their fully extended position.  This provides mid-day shade, while permitting a view from inside the house.

NuImage Window Awnings 3

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Fully lowered awnings for maximum shade!

This shows how, when very early morning or late evening sun is a problem, the ‘Robusta’ window awnings can be rolled down beyond their fully extended position to allow for maximum shade!

NuImage Window Awnings 4

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Fully extended window awnings

‘Robusta’ window awnings by NuImage can add beauty and color to your home, while keeping rooms cool and comfortable!  Note how an exterior view is allowed through the shaded windows when sitting inside the room.

NuImage Window Awnings 5

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Window awnings, fully retracted

Now, when not needed, the window awnings retract (by manual hand crank, or easy motorized operation) to the house, still adding a touch of color to your home.


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