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FPX 864TRV ‘GreenSmart’ Gas Fireplace

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Fireplace Xtrordinair FPX 864TRV Gas Fireplace

Fireplace Xtrordinair FPX 864TRV Gas Fireplace

The name says it all! An Xtrordinary 864 square inches of expansive glass let you enjoy our most massive display of flames to date. No other fireplace in its class offers this much view and this much control of the fire. With our convenient Comfort ControlTM valve you can choose a low flame glow of only 6,700 Btu’s (NG) to put you in the mood on a warm summer night, or take it all the way up to 31,000 for a heat that fills your home in winter. Xperience Xtrordinary energy cost savings with unbelievable efficiency. Make a dramatic style statement with the original Classic ArchTM, French CountryTM or ArtisanTM hand hammered faces. And the 864TRV has Top or Rear Venting plus an easy installation that gives you an Xtrordinary new fire faster than ever.

Heating Capacity: 450-1400 sq feet
Maximum BTU Input: 31,000
Overall Efficiency: 77.2% NG 78.4% LP
AFUE: 68.3% NG 69.4% LP
Venting: Top or Rear
Weight: 205 lbs.
Burner System: Dual Burner

Fireplace Xtrordinair FPX 564E

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Fireplace Xtrordinair FPX 564E

Fireplace Xtrordinair FPX 564E

Fireplace Xtrordinair is finally making it possible for renters and condo owners to enjoy the warmth and elegance of a fireplace within the home with the portable 564 Electric. The gas or venting required! A 5,000 Btu heater and air circulating fan with the ability to heat up to 400 square feet is standard in the 564 E for even heat distribution throughout the desired space. This feature makes the 564 E ideal for heating bedrooms, offices and other small places.

Heating Capacity: 400 Sq. Feet
Overall Efficiency: 100%
Fan Standard
Glass Size: 564
Watts: 1500
Volts: 120
Hookup: 3 Prong Plug

Lopi ‘Leyden’ Top-Loading Wood Stove

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The Leyden cast iron wood stove by Lopi

Not only the most beautiful wood stove we’ve ever made, it’s also the easiest to use. With a top load design it has the largest firebox you can buy in a medium sized stove. And the ash removal system is our most convenient to date.

Maximum burn times of up to 12 hours have been reached with this stove that holds an incredible 65 pounds of wood and heats up to 2,000 sq. ft.

This stove includes fine quality details in the castings inside and out. The non-catalytic cross-draft system, heavy-duty-refractory, unbelievable combustion and the option of a 160 CFM blower make this stove an easy sell for you. We even included a custom designed, extra-long wrought iron poker and gloves for added convenience!

Heating Capacity: Up to 2,000 Sq. Feet
Weight: 375 Lbs.
Heat Output: 73100 BTU’s / Hour
Maximum Burn Time: Up to 12 Hours
Firebox Size: 2.3 Cubic Feet
Maximum Log Size: 21 ”
Emissions: 2.4 Grams Per Hour
Construction: Cast Iron

FPX 864 See-Thru GreenSmart Gas Fireplace

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Fireplace Xtrordinair FPX 864 ST GreenSmart

Fireplace Xtrordinair FPX 864 ST GreenSmart

The 864™ ST GreenSmart (GS) is one of FPX’s newest gas fireplace. With the combination of convective heat, radiant heat and reduced depth dimension the unit is ideal for small to mid-sized homes or for zone heating 864 square inches of high quality, high clarity, tempered glass with a removable safety screen.The realistic “wood like” flame, along with the heat output can be controlled by the convenient GreenSmart™ gas valve. The GreenSmart system features the split-flow Dancing-Fyre™ burner with Comfort Control™ that allows you to turn off part of the burner with the push of the button to really turn down the heat while maintaining the fire and glowing embers. This allows you to comfortably be able to use your fireplace year around. And now the 864 TRV GS come standard with the very popular accent light for an added glow when the fireplace is on or off really showcasing the fireplace in every setting.

Heating Capacity: 450 to 1,400 Sq. Feet
Maximum BTU Input: 31,000 BTU’s
Overall Efficiency: 77.2%(NG) 78.4% (LP)
Fan: Optional
Glass Size: 864
Venting: Top or Rear Vent
Weight: 205 Lbs.
Burner System: Dual

Lopi Yankee Large Pellet Stove

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Lopi Yankee Pellet Stove

Lopi Yankee Pellet Stove

The Yankee pellet stove is a true powerhouse pellet heater. The entire top opens for easy access to an enormous 80 pound hopper.


Heating Capacity: 800 to 2,250 Sq. Feet
Glass Size: 252
Venting: 4″ L Vent
Maximum Burn Time: 47 Hours
Hopper Capacity: 80 Pounds
BTU Range: 13,940 to 45,100 BTU’s / Hour
Burn Rate: 1.7 to 5.5 Pounds Per Hour


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